The Magic of Reading Show

Imagine The kids are arriving at the library that’s charged with an atmosphere of mystery. They’re greeted by Canada’s premiere sleight-of-hand comedian Jamie O’Brien - a brilliant, award-winning performer so highly regarded that magicians nationwide come to him for training!

(There’s a constant demand for his performances at the corporate functions of companies like Sasktel, Aspen Medical Group, Galaxy Cinemas, Palliser Regional Libraries and Telus – in fact, some of Jamie’s clients have been booking him repeatedly for over 10 years!)

It’s during Jamie’s award-winning 45-minute stand-up stage presentation that the magic happens, Jamie presents a rapid-fire blend of sidesplitting comedy and unbelievable feats of magic that’ll have eyes bulging, jaws dropping and leave your guests clamouring for more! The laughter and applause will ring in memory for a very long time indeed.   

The show is designed to teach the audience about the library and the great wonders that wait in books. During the show they learn about some of the various types of books found in libraries like fiction, and non-fiction. The audience will also be introduced to the Dewey decimal system and learn how to find books using this incredible system.    

Education and Entertainment in one seamless package that will increase the excitement in your summer reading program and instill a passion for reading that will keep children and adults coming back to the library.  

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