Stage Show


Stage Magic & Comedy 

A magic show full of audience participation with several amazing packages available.  

Basic Package: 30-45 minutes of magic complete with audience interaction. 

Upgraded Package: 45-60 minutes of magic and audience interaction

Elite Package: Same as above plus the addition of one stage illusion.

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Roaming / Close-Up


Social Butterfly 

Close-up magic you have to see to believe. 

Perfect for banquets and cocktail hours Jamie will stroll around the venue interacting with your guests and blowing them away with his special blend of comedy magic and mentalism. Social butterfly can be packaged with any of the stage performance at a reduced rate.  

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Combined Show


Magic Madness

An entire evening of absolutely hilarious fun and mind-boggling entertainment awaits you – beginning with the cocktails, continuing through the meal and running long after dessert ... 

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Christmas Show


Magic of Christmas 

A 45 minute Magic show themed around Christmas. This show has all the bells and whistles including the production of a small Christmas tree.

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Specialty Christmas Show


Santa Via Satellite 

Imagine if you could actually take your kids to visit Santa Claus in his home at the North Pole. Get inside his famous workshop. Talk to him while they’re watching him make toys. Check out his sleigh. 

They’d think that was pretty cool, huh?

Well now, through the magic of technology, you’ll be able to take your kids on a simulated trip to Santa’s North Pole workshop. 

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Birthday Parities


Merlin’s Magic Experience 

Your child and up to 15 friends will enjoy a party celebration complete with a 20-30 minute magic show and the Birthday child will be the magicians special assistant during most of the show. 

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The Magic of Reading Show


An entire show of absolutely hilarious fun and mind-boggling entertainment awaits you – guests learn about the library, Melvil Dewey, how to navigate the library, and more ...   

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Bonus Value


At every show we provide magic giveaways that are filled with magic you can do in just a few minutes free of charge.