About me


Like most magicians, I "caught the bug" at an early age ... I was 5 years old when a magic set appeared under the Christmas tree. I had seen my first magic show earlier that December, at a restaurant. 

Well, when that magic set was opened, I was hooked. Reading about the life of Houdini cemented my desire to become a magician. By the age of twelve I was earning money-performing magic at children's birthday parties in my hometown of Moose Jaw and was able to buy magic books and props to further my "career". 

My parents were undoubtedly expecting (hoping?!) that I'd "outgrow" this obsession, but I was fiercely determined to make it my life's work! 

The breakthrough came when I graduated from high school in 2007 ... I was fortunate enough to learn from a true professional magician.    

Which gave me the knowledge and confidence to attempt to make a living as a professional magician. And, I can tell you ... it hasn't been easy! Even a David Copperfield or a Siegfried & Roy has to start somewhere, and for years I, like countless others, struggled to survive by performing anywhere and everywhere. 

Fairs, festivals, nightclubs, birthday parties, convention banquets, shopping malls, television, schools, and restaurants ... the list goes on and on. I was determined to make a career of performing.  

Thankfully, I've accomplished my goal and have been performing Magic as a career since 2007.